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Mr. Sathish Kumar


Mrs. Rekha Yogesh

Co Founder

We just don't Teach, We change the perspective

At Export Help Center, we specialize in providing comprehensive export training programs to individuals and businesses, equipping them with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the global marketplace. From mastering the fundamentals of international trade to advanced export management strategies and leveraging e-commerce for global expansion, our expert faculty delivers practical, actionable insights. We empower our participants to navigate complex trade regulations, develop effective market strategies, and build a strong foundation for sustainable global success. Whether you’re a newcomer to export or a seasoned professional, we are your trusted partner in unlocking the vast potential of international markets. Join us on a journey of learning, growth, and global achievement.

Global Adventures

Going Places

Mr. Sathish is like an international explorer. Have sent his products to 45+ countries, and has many business friends all around the world.

Global Brands

Our MD is like a superstar! He has built 75+ unique Premium Brands from different countries and handled their amazing products and exports.

Making Business Relationships Everywhere

Imagine creating over 100+ New Importers from different countries. That's what Mr. Sathish has done so far all around the globe.

Mentoring Magic

Sharing Wisdom:

Mr. Sathish is not just great at business; he’s also a Genuine Mentor. For more than 9+ years, he has been sharing his complete knowledge about exports with everyone who wants to learn.

Making Sustainable Exporters:

Over 2.5K people have learned from Mr. Sathish, and they’re all in Good Positions both in Domestic as well as Overseas. Mr. Sathish’s mentoring has made a lot of Entrepreneurs happy successful and sustainable in their business.

A Leader Who Cares

More Than Business:

Mr. Sathish’s intention is not about making money; he also cares about making a positive difference. He has been a force for good, inspiring everyone around him.

Future Looks Bright:

With Mr. Sathish leading the way, our future in exports looks super exciting. Join us on this adventure, where every export story is a story of success.

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