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Mr. Mirza Kashif Ali Baig, Chennai

I would say I'm proud to be Sathish sir student, anybody who wants to learn exports business in and out, just join their next available batch. one can learn not only exports but also learn business skills, life skills and what not. I recommend EHC 100%

Mr. Raj Kumar, Madurai

EHC is not just a word, it's having a huge level of knowledge, experience, tactics, and more valuable things. every section has a different view also quality of knowledge, EHC is unique and represents impossible to possible.

Mr. Arunachalam, Australia

I just completed my classes 2 days ago. I did online class at night, even though it was a online class it was very interactive and Sathish Sir energy made us very energetic to listen the class for more than 5 hrs or sometimes even till morning. After completing the class I feel more confident about export. I highly recommend others to join this class, because here in this class you not only learn about export, you will learn about risk management's, personality development, problem understanding, being professional, how to avoid scammers how to excape from fraudulent agents, how to think positive, it was really helpful for me to develop my domestic business as well. Thanks sir for teaching us all these things patiently.

Mr. Venkatesan Pandu, Kuwait

Export Help Center is the right place to learn about export business with practical classes, and case studies. Mr.Sathish Sir is a talented mentor and he provides a lot of information. Thank you sir

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Parthibhan, Chennai

EHC is the best academy for budding Exporters to learn about Exports from the bottom line. I would recommend Mr.Sathish the best trainer who takes up the complete training session very lively.

Mr. John Peter, Chennai

I am John, Student of Export Help Center OTP15th Batch Studied Export help center from May 2022 to Oct 2022(104 working days).
Being an HR of MNC I thought it is easy and can be learned very easily in a couple of months. Starting from a free Awareness session gives me an outline of what are all the things I need to get to know. The topics are explained very well in a way no one ever thought of with actual and updated practical difficulties. The amount I spent on this course is worth more than 10 times. If anyone ask about export classes I will definitely recommend him. If you are not believing in my review, go through the Export Help center youtube channel and wait for a free awareness notification, and shoot out your questions. you will get to know. *time passers please don't choose this course, you can't handle it. Thank you so much Sathish sir for being the spark of my life.

Mr. Sabari Kris, Madurai

Really awesome learning center I am happy to learn this is not only for export help center this is the main root of achieving our dreams.

Mr. Syed Ibrahim, Ooty

very informative exports skills development center, feel like to complete Export MBA course
thank you for sharing your broad knowledge about Exports

Mr. Gunaseelan, Mysore

Wonderful Course offered by EHC! Excellent Journey with OTP 17 batchmates. It was about 90 days focused on Export business contents, offered REAL-TIME Case studies, Successful stories from EHC Alumni students. Courses were well-structured, positioned, Business centric and filled with valuable information. SATHISH SIR & REKHA MAM who are dedicated and committed persons in EHC to save anyone who desires Export Business minded but not to be deceived by 1Hour, 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 10 days deceitful Training programs by delivering their Prompt awareness to the society. I strongly recommend to everyone who seeks real Export business mentor. Be join at EHC and become an unshakeable entrepreneur. Thank you for all your valuable support, teachings, guidance and Advices. Wish you all the very best for EHC successful endeavors.

Mr. Sasidharan, Bangalore

Nice place to learn exports!
Really spent great hours with you sir.The ideas and tactics what you have given will continue to cherish our hearts and business. "Ella pugalum ungalukkae 👍"

Mrs. Noorul Bashariya, Chennai

I did my online course in Export Help Center. I learnt many new things about export which I didn't know earlier. This class changed my lifestyle and changed my way of thinking towards business. Special & Heartily Thanks To Sathish Sir & Rekha Mam

Mr. Thangarasu, Coimbatore

I am generally not a public reviewer but I wanted to write this to someone who is seriously looking for an export training which will create impact in their life. What an amazing journey since we joined EHC (Export Training Help Center) to learn export business. If I say in short, “the training was beyond spoon feeding”. What else you/we can expect? EHC is not like a typical training institute, it is Different Unique Live and Practical Personal A solution For result Life changer Inspiring Emotional Not for money and Comprehensive If you don’t get any of the above from EHC, you are not active during the training or not serious on your goal. EHC is not with bunch of staffs, just two Mr. Sathish Kumar(MD/Mentor) and Mrs. Rekha(Organizer), which is why they are strong and doing well in grooming people. In each class you will be left without questions, to that extent he will teach you. Thank you very much Sathish Sir. You have been wonderful and inspiring mentor! Continue your service to save money and enrich many lives.😊

Mr. Riaz Rahuman, Madurai

My experience about Export Help Center, Really very useful to study here, we can learn export business from top to bottom, honestly saying very worth to study here, real case discussion & practice work, so many elements we can learn here.

Mrs. Karthiga, Chennai

If you wanted to be a successful starter of your export business, there cannot be any other option for you in Tamilnadu. I cannot type everything, but one...You WILL start doing the business just after your training and you WILL succeed....

Mrs. Dhivya, Chennai

I entered the class very empty about EXPORTS. But now I felt really very very happy to share my experience about our class. Daily daily I learned a lot. Not only about EXPORTS. You shared your experience a lot.Am surely telling nobody Will do like this sir. Thank you so much sir.

Mr. Thiraviyam, Chennai

Excellent training center for export business. All topics were taken in very detail. He (Sathish) has excellent knowledge in the export industry. During the training, He was very patient to clear all my queries. Learnt a lot from him.. I highly recommend this help center to people who are really looking for doing export business.

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