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Practice Requirements

Material Requirements For

Online Classes


Additional Requirements For

Online Classes

System or Desktop only allowed
Strictly Mobiles and Tablets are not permitted
Proper NET Connections (avoid Mobile Data and Hotspot connection)
Proper MIC (Strictly avoid Speaker Mode)
Proper Headset (or) Speaker Allowed

Rules & Regulations

Online Practice Students, strictly connects with VIDEO call, no exemptions and excuses and no partiality - if any person connects with Audio call alone, we kick them out from that session
Compulsorily, you need to travel to EHC Office for 3 most Important Topics in-person
To be more Punctual, more Discipline and be more Ethical from Day 1 onwards
Daily MOM’s, Homework's & Tests will be given and conducted to cross check your ability and mould you for business
Payment must be received in full prior to the Workshop / Course start date. No refunds will be issued if you withdraw or if you failed to attend our workshop / course / Live practices for whatever reasons, but you can utilize it for the Same Topics in future workshops / in courses too
Recordings like audio, video, photograph & any kind of Screenshots, etc of presentations during sessions, posters, workshops, etc are strictly prohibited (if we found or hear any kind of the Infringement, necessary Legal Actions will be taken against you immediately with proper Legal Notice)
The Copyright and all other Intellectual Content Rights in all courses developed shall remain the sole and exclusive property of EHC. The participants undertakes that it will not copy or permit the copying of course materials, nor disclose or permit disclosure or sell or hire the same to third parties, nor use the same for running the participant’s own courses unless the express written permission of Export Help Center is given

Session FAQ

What is the purpose of the 60+ Days Export Business Online Live Practice?

Our 60+ Days Export Business Online Live Practice aims to provide hands-on experience and practical insights into the intricacies of the export business, offering a comprehensive learning journey for participants.

How can I participate in the Export Business Online Live Practice?

To participate, simply register your details on our website, and you’ll receive a call to learn more about our live practical export sessions. Or you can just follow the provided schedules on our website and register your participation.

What topics will be covered during the Practice Sessions?
Our practice sessions cover a wide range of topics, including finding the right export products, market research, finding importers, overcoming export challenges, effective & successful communication, and more and more. Each session is designed to build practical skills and insights for aspiring exporters.
Is the Online Live Practice suitable for beginners in the Export Business?
Absolutely! Our Online Live Practice is tailored for beginners, offering a step-by-step guide to understanding and navigating the complexities of the export business.
Can I join the practice sessions if I don't have any prior Experience in Export?
Yes, Our practice is designed for individuals with various portfolios and various levels of experience, making it accessible and understandable for those without any prior knowledge of export business.
How long are the Practice Sessions each day?
The duration of each practice session varies, but on average, sessions are around 90 to 90 minutes long to cover the essential topics thoroughly.
Can I ask questions during the Live Sessions?
Absolutely! All the Participants are encouraged to ask questions related to the Subject during the live sessions. Our Mentors are here to provide real-time clarification and guidance with case studies.
Are there any assignments or tests during the 60+ Days Export Business Online Live Practice?
Yes, there is an ‘N’ number of assignments and tests, and all the participants must engage in practical exercises and receive feedback from our mentor, promoting a hands-on and ground-level learning experience.
Are there any specific software or tools required for Participation?
Yes, one specific software is required. All the Participants can download the ZOOM App and join our sessions.
Can I receive personalized Feedback on my Export Business Ideas?
Yes, personalized feedback will be provided during interactive sessions to assist participants in refining their export business ideas.
What types of Export challenges will be discussed during the Practice?
Our Live Export Practice helps to address a variety of export challenges, including market entry strategies, regulatory compliance, adapting to global market dynamics, and many more.
How can I find potential importers for my Products?
Sessions will provide practical and real-time strategies for finding potential importers, leveraging market research, and establishing fruitful sustainable business relationships.
Can the Online Live Practice help me overcome language barriers in International Trade?
Our Online Live Practice includes sessions on overcoming language barriers, emphasizing effective communication strategies for international trade.
Are there any case studies discussed during this Online Live Practice?
Real-Time Case Studies will be explored to illustrate real-world scenarios, allowing participants to apply their knowledge to practical situations.
Are there sessions on negotiating and closing deals with International Clients?
Sessions on negotiation skills and closing international deals will equip participants with
he tools to navigate complex business transactions successfully.
What are the common mistakes to avoid in the Export Business?
Common mistakes, such as improper documentation and overlooking regulatory requirements, will be highlighted, offering insights on avoidance.
Can I get guidance on pricing strategies for International Markets?
Guidance on pricing strategies, considering international market dynamics and competition, will be a focal point of our online export practice.
Are there sessions on logistics and shipping for Export Businesses?
Logistics and shipping topics will be covered, providing insights into optimizing the supply chain for efficient export operations.
How can I use Social Media for marketing my Export Business?
Strategies for leveraging social media platforms for export business marketing will be discussed, emphasizing global reach.
Are there any success stories shared during the Online Live Practice?
Success stories from experienced exporters will be shared, offering inspiration and insights into achieving export business goals.
Can I participate in the Online Live Practice if I have a full-time job?
Yes, the flexibility of the practice allows participants with full-time jobs to engage and benefit from the sessions.
Can I join the practice if I'm not currently residing in India?
Absolutely! Our Online Live Export Business practice is open to participants globally, providing a diverse and enriching learning environment.
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