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OTP 22 - Awareness for Beginners - Day 2

Export Eye-Opening Day: Learn Sourcing, Ads, Social Media, Finding Importers – Beginners Delight!
Dec. 5, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Free Session

Event Description

Participants joined Day 2 of Export Business Awareness, an online event on December 5th, 2023, guided by Mr. Sathish, an expert in International Business and a genuine mentor for exporters.

What We Explored:

1. Finding Reliable Sources

Learn the basics of finding trustworthy places to get products for your export business – a crucial first step for success.

2. Advertising Tips for Export

Understand how to promote your products globally with effective advertising strategies specifically tailored for export businesses.

3. Social Media Boost

Explore how social media platforms like Facebook can help you reach a wider audience and make your export business stand out.

4. Easy Importer Discovery

Dive into the essential topic of effortlessly finding genuine importers. Participants were pleasantly surprised by insights often hard to come by, even in paid webinars.

Engaging Q&A:

The session was interactive, with Mr. Sathish addressing doubts and questions from beginners, using real-life examples to make learning easy.

Participant Excitement:

A highlight was the enthusiasm around discovering genuine importers. Participants expressed joy, having found answers to a challenging topic, often elusive in paid webinars.

Positive Vibes:

Wishes and positive feedback flooded in, creating a supportive learning environment for every beginner.


1. One-to-One Interactive Session
2. 100% Practical Scenarios
3. Real-Time Case Studies shared
4. 100% Full Questioning Freedom


The day ended on a happy note, marking another successful step in understanding the ins and outs of the export business. Beginners left with practical insights, ready to navigate the global trade landscape with confidence.


If you happened to miss this session, there's no need to worry or feel disheartened. Keep an eye out for our upcoming sessions, and make sure to participate without fail. We understand that life gets busy, and sometimes schedules clash, but we've got you covered. Your chance to join and learn is not over – stay tuned for the next session, and we look forward to having you there. Your journey in export business awareness is just a session away!

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