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Exclusive Review Session for Export Help Center's Old Students

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Feb. 3, 2024 | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Free Session

Event Description

Dear Export Help Center's Old Students,

We are thrilled to announce a special review session exclusively tailored for you! Scheduled for 3rd February 2024 (6 pm to 9 pm), this online free live session is a unique opportunity for those who have completed our comprehensive 60+ Days of Export Practice program.

Who Should Attend:

This session is exclusively designed for Export Help Center's Old Students who have completed 60+ Days of Export Practice. If you fall into any of the following categories, this session is crafted just for you:

1. Those New to Export Business After Training:

If you've completed our training but haven't started your export business journey yet, we'll provide additional insights to help you take those crucial first steps.

2. Those Seeking to Fine-Tune Their Product Selection:

For individuals who have completed the training but are still refining their export product choices, we'll offer advanced guidance for optimal decision-making.

3. Those in Search of Advanced Supplier Connections:

If you're an Old Student facing challenges in finding advanced and reliable suppliers, this session will share advanced strategies for forming strong partnerships.

4. Those Aiming to Secure More Export Orders:

For Old Students who have secured orders but are looking to enhance their order acquisition skills, we'll delve into advanced techniques to attract and secure more deals.

5. Those Facing Specific Challenges in Consecutive Orders:

If you've encountered challenges in maintaining a consistent flow of orders, this session will address advanced solutions to ensure sustained success.

6. Those Ready to Navigate Complex Contractual Orders:

For Old Students yet to sign contract orders, we'll provide advanced insights into navigating complex contractual agreements in the export business.

Registration Information:

To secure your spot in this exclusive session, make sure to register your name today. This is a golden opportunity for our Old Students to build on the foundation laid during the 60+ Days of Export Practice and further elevate your export business expertise.


Your dedication to completing our extensive training program has set the stage for success. Now, let's take it a step further together. Join us in this virtual field of advanced export insights and strategies. We look forward to reconnecting with you and collectively shaping the future success of your export endeavours!

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